Requirements To Study In Ukraine:

1) What we want from student (personal decoments):
Copy of National Passport, copies of all documents of academic records, duly filled up & signed by the candidate and advance payment for issuance of “Invitation to study Application Form of the Association”.

2) In order to issue an “Invitation to study” in preferred Educational Institution of Ukraine (necessary for obtaining student visa in the proper Ukrainian Embassy, when the age limit of the candidate for under-graduate study – year of birth not later than 1984) has to send the documents (scanned) through e-mail to our offices.

3) The candidate should have the following documents to show to the Embassy of Ukraine and Immigration of Ukraine and to submit to the preferred Institution for admission (requirement to Study In Ukraine ):

  • “A return air ticket of one year validity” and sufficient financial means to make all payments;
  • Original of “Invitation to study” , issued by the Institution;
    All documents of previous academic record in originals.
  • AIDS test Certificate;
  • The last health Certificate;
  • 10 pieces of recent photographs – sizes passport.
    All that Before leaving for Ukraine for study.

4) The Ukrainian Ministry of Education has prolonged the deadline for arriving of prospective students to Ukraine in 2011-2012 academic year up to 15th November.

5) Reception of prospective students at the airport is essential in order to avoid unnecessary difficulties while entering to Ukraine.

6) “Association” takes responsibilities for every student during the entire period of his/her study (5-6 years depending on full course) to solve all kind of conflicting situations, if any.

  • Costs for issuance of “Invitation to study” (for now it needs a special order from Ukrainian Ministry of Education for joining;
  • Costs for visa support, which will be issued by the Ukrainian Ministries of Education & Foreign Affairs and has to be sent to the Ukrainian Embassy in the student’s home country for obtaining Ukrainian entry visa (advance payment).
  • Costs for reception of student in the airport and transportation from airport to the Educational Institution (final destination) (compulsory for every student).

Additional costs for every student after entering to Ukraine (in US $):

Compulsory medical insurance/year, will be provided by the Company “Ukrmedstrakh” (without what student shall not be registered by the immigration department) (compulsory for every student) 50$
Costs for medical check up upon arrival (compulsory for every student) 50$
Registration in immigration department (OVIR) (compulsory for every student) 5$
Student’s identity card 5$
Accommodation in student hostels per month (shared room) 30 up to 50

***** Student shall have to bear all costs by himself/herself, connected with obtaining Ukrainian Entry Visa, return air ticket with an open return date of leaving during one year and all other costs during the whole procedure in his/her home country.

Other charges apart from above mentioned (all costs are given below in US $)

Service charges should be paid to the Association by the student just befor arrival to Ukraine (once for the whole period of study).